Preparing Computer

Prepare Computer for Packaging the Categories

This is a one time process for every computer. We will need to iinstall nvm, npm, and homebrew. If you've already done this, skip this section.

Install nvm

touch ~/.bash_profile
curl -o- <> | bash

Then close terminal and open again

Install homebrew (macOS)

Install npm

Install and use node 12

nvm install 12
nvm alias default 12

Install Mapeo Settings Builder

You'll see output on the terminal, but this is OK

npm install -g mapeo-settings-builder

Is your computer ready?

If your computer is ready to create configurations, type


You should see output that looks something like

→ Using version x.x.x of mapeo-settings-builder
Usage: mapeo-settings-builder [options] [command]
-h, --help display help for command
build [options] [sourceDir] Build config from presets in current working dir
lint [sourceDir] Lint preset files for errors
extract-messages [options] Extract messages for translation
generate-key Generate a random project key
help [command] display help for command

Now you're ready to move to putting your icons and questions together!