Translating Mapeo & default configurations

Mapeo aims to be accessible to a wide range of communities in their native languages, and to facilitate the process of translating the app and the default configuration into new languages as needed.

While developing custom configurations currently requires significant technical knowledge, the process of translating Mapeo and the default configuration into a new local language can be an easier way to customize the tool for use in your project.

Translation using Crowdin

Translations for Mapeo are handled through the Crowdin platform. It is free to create an account on Crowdin and anyone can contribute translations to Mapeo for new or existing languages.

To begin translating, visit the project page for the area you would like to translate.

Viewing available languages

On the project home page you can view all languages currently available for the project and how complete translations are.

Adding a new language

If the language you wish to translate is not available on the project home page, contact the Project Owner (listed on the bottom right of the page) to request an addition to the list.

Contributing translations

To start translating, create an account with Crowdin, visit the relevant project home page, and select the target language. Click on Translate All to bring up all relevant text strings.

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