Mapeo Support Materials

Importing configurations into Mapeo Mobile

To start using a custom configuration, you'll need to import the new configuration file into Mapeo Mobile. For more on configurations, see Custom configurations.

Locate the configuration file

Download or copy the configuration file (eg. example_project.mapeosettings) onto your Android device. Note which folder the file was saved in.
For sending configuration files (.mapeosettings) between smartphones with an internet connection, we recommend using the
Telegram app, as other messaging applications have problems with this file format.
If you don't have an internet connection, you can copy the file from a computer using a
USB cable or send the file using
Bluetooth. Read more about how to send a file using these methods in Sharing files between devices.

Go to Settings

In the Mapeo Mobile app, tap the
Observations list button, then the
Settings button.

Import configuration file

Select Project configuration, then tap Import config.
Navigate to the folder that contains your configuration file and tap on the file.
Files downloaded from the internet or a messaging application can generally be found in the Downloads folder.

Confirm import

Click OK on the import confirmation window and verify that the Project configuration screen now displays the name of the new configuration.
To start using the updated configuration, tap
Back as many times as needed to return to the home screen and tap
Create observation. The Categories screen will now display the icons and category names of your custom configuration.