Synchronizing data with Mapeo Desktop

Mapeo Desktop allows you to synchronize collected data with other Mapeo users or devices that are members of the same project. Synchronizing is used regularly throughout the course of projects to aggregate data collected by different participants and ensure that multiple copies of the complete database exist. Syncing data does not always require an internet connection and can be done in entirely offline areas.

Please note that by synchronizing with another Mapeo user, ALL DATA is shared in both directions. You will receive all of the observations present on the other Mapeo device and they will receive all of the observations present on your device. Only synchronize with members of your project whom you trust with all of your data. For more on synchronization, see: Peer-to-peer & Mapeo sync.

Any edits that have been made to the data will also be transferred to the other device during synchronization. For example, if a person deletes or edits an observation and then syncs with other devices, this observation will be deleted or edited on all synced devices.

It is important to create project synchronization protocols to ensure that all data becomes part of the project database.

There are 2 ways to synchronize with Mapeo Desktop:

    • If devices are in the same place, even without a Wi-Fi network.

    • If devices are not in the same place and both have an internet connection.

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