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Creating observations

You collect data with Mapeo Mobile in the form of observations. An observation is based on a geographic location (a point on the map) and can have associated photos, notes, and details.

Create a new observation

To create a new observation, tap the
Create observation button.
Observations can be created from the home
Map screen or from the
Camera screen. Tap
Camera at the bottom of the home screen to change the view.

Select a category

Select the category that best represents what you are documenting in the observation. Mapeo comes with a default set of categories and associated icons that can be used for collecting and classifying data.

It is possible to create custom categories and icons to tailor Mapeo to specific data collection needs. This customization currently requires significant technical knowledge. For more on customization, see Custom configurations.

Add a description

Tap on the placeholder What is happening here? to add a description of what you are documenting.

Add photos

Add Photo to take one or more photos to attach to the observation.
Photos must be taken in the moment using your phone's camera. Mapeo Mobile does not currently allow you to attach existing images from a gallery or other source.
To remove a photo from a draft observation, tap on the thumbnail of the image. On the View image screen, tap the
Delete Image button.
If the Delete Image button is not visible on the View image screen, tap anywhere on the screen to show. *Deleting images from draft observations is only available in Mapeo Mobile version 5.4.0 or higher.
To confirm deletion, tap Delete Image in the confirmation window. Please note that once deleted, images cannot be recovered.
If you don't wish to proceed with the deletion, tap Cancel then tap the
Close button to return to the New observation screen.
Images cannot be removed once an observation has been saved.

Add details

Depending on the category you have selected, you may see the option to
Add details at the bottom of the screen. Observation details consist of specific questions for each observation category. Mapeo Mobile comes with basic questions for some categories. Adding details is not required when creating observations.
Tap NEXT to move to the next question and tap DONE once you have answered the last one.
In order to set up your own custom questions or details fields, you must customize Mapeo. For more information, see Custom configurations

Save observation

Once you have added all desired information, tap

* Note on GPS precision

If the GPS signal at the moment of saving the observation has an accuracy worse than ± 10 m, Mapeo will automatically offer you three options:
  1. 1.
    Tap CONTINUE WAITING to wait until the GPS signal improves.
  2. 2.
    Tap SAVE to use the current GPS data, even if the accuracy is worse than ± 10 m.
  3. 3.
    Tap MANUAL COORDS to manually enter the coordinates that you want to use.
    You can choose which GPS data format you want to use to enter the coordinates. This is a useful option if you have a GPS device or another smartphone with a better GPS signal accuracy.
    Save once you have manually entered the coordinates to return to the Edit observation screen.