Mapeo Support Materials

Default configuration

About configurations

Mapeo uses configurations to determine which categories, icons and questions users see when they are collecting data. For each data point collected with Mapeo, users select a category to classify the point, and may answer questions or respond to prompts to provide more detail about what is being documented.

Mapeo's default configuration

When you install Mapeo, it comes with a default configuration that includes general categories and questions for territory mapping and monitoring.


The default configuration includes the following data collection categories:
Observations that do not fit these categories can always be collected using the New point category.
For every data point collected, users can enter a description of what they are documenting. Default categories also include some additional optional questions or fields that users may fill out when collecting data. For example, the category Fishing Site includes the field: Name (Common name of this place).
To review all fields included in the default configuration, install Mapeo and explore the Add Details section for each category.

Beyond the default configuration

Mapeo offers the option to create custom configurations to fit the needs of specific projects. For more information on customization, see Custom configurations.