Background Maps

Mapeo Mobile 5.5.0 introduces a new Map Manager user interface for importing and managing multiple background maps. The new experimental Background Maps feature allows you to add your own custom maps and switch between multiple maps.

When this feature is enabled, you will not have access to the map you had previously been using in Mapeo. Turn off Map Manager to switch back to your previous map.

For info on how to generate a map file in for use in the new Background Maps feature, see Generating map files in .mbtiles format for the experimental Background Maps feature

Due to Android storage requirements the Map Manager can take up to three times as much storage as the size of the mbtiles you want to import, so be sure to have enough storage on the phone

Currently there are issues with loading large mbtiles with the map manager specially on lower-end phones. It's advised to use files with a maximum of 500mb as well as deleting other background maps before adding news ones

Turn on Background Maps

To activate the Background Maps feature:

  1. Select Background Maps, then click the checkbox to Use Background Maps.

  2. Click on Background Maps below Try it now and again on Background Maps to enter the map manager.

  3. A progress bar indicating the file is loading will appear. This could take several minutes depending on the mbtiles file size and the phone's processing power.

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