Mapeo Support Materials
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Activating GPS and viewing current location

Enable GPS on your device

Mapeo Mobile uses the GPS of your device, so before you start using the application make sure that GPS or Location on your smartphone is enabled.
It will be different on each smartphone, but GPS or Location services can generally be found in the Quick Settings menu, which can be accessed by swiping down from the top of your screen.

Confirm GPS access in Mapeo Mobile

On the home screen of Mapeo Mobile, you will be able to see if Mapeo is successfully accessing your device's GPS.
  • If GPS is activated, the GPS details button at the top of the screen will show a green dot and the precision of the GPS signal:
  • If the GPS is deactivated, the GPS details button will be red:
If you activate the GPS on your device while you are using Mapeo, you might have to restart
Mapeo for the app to recognize that the GPS is activated and change the status of the GPS details button.
If you didn't allow Mapeo Mobile access to your phone's camera and GPS the first time you opened Mapeo, you won't be able to use GPS information or include pictures in your collected data. For more on modifying app permissions, see I want to update Mapeo Mobile permissions.

View GPS details in Mapeo Mobile

Tap the
GPS details button to see more information on your current location.

Viewing your current location

By default, Mapeo Mobile will mark your current position with a blue dot at the center of the map and adjust the map as you move.
If you pan to a different area on the map, you can always return to viewing your current location by tapping the
Show my current position button on the bottom right of the map.