Syncing data via Wi-Fi

About Mapeo Sync

Mapeo Mobile allows you to synchronize the data you have collected with other Mapeo users that are members of the same project. Syncing data does not require an internet connection and can be done in entirely offline areas.

Please note that by synchronizing with another Mapeo user, ALL DATA is shared in both directions. You will receive all of the observations created by that user and they will receive all of your observations. Only synchronize with members of your project whom you trust with all of your data. For more about this process, see Peer-to-peer & Mapeo sync.

All edits that have been made to collected data will also be transferred to the other device during sync. For example, if a person deletes or edits an observation and then syncs with other devices, this observation will be deleted or edited on all synced devices. If multiple users edit the same observation before syncing with each other, the changes that will prevail after syncing are the newest ones. If you encounter difficulties with this, see I have sync issues.

It is important to create project synchronization protocols to ensure that all data becomes part of the project database. For more on that, see Creating user protocols.

Connect to WiFi

Connect both devices to the same Wi-Fi network. Wi-Fi settings can generally be found in the Quick Settings menu, which can be accessed by swiping down from the top of your screen.

For more on how to create a local Wi-Fi network, see I want to create local Wi-Fi networks

Enter Synchronize mode

The Synchronize screen will show whether you are connected to a Wi-Fi network. If connected, you will be able to see the name of the network you are connected to in the top left of the navy blue bar. You will also be able to see the unique identification number of your device on the right side of the navy bar.

Remember that in order for a device to appear in the list, it must be connected to the same network, have the Synchronize screen open, and be using the same project configuration. For troubleshooting on this step, see I have sync issues.

Synchronize data

Once available devices appear in the list, confirm the identity of the device you plan to synchronize with by consulting the unique identification number on the other user's phone.

Click on the Sync button beside the device name to begin the exchange of data.

IMPORTANT: Keep the Synchronize screen open on BOTH devices until the synchronization is complete. Interrupting the sync process can result in permanently corrupted data.

View synced observations

In the Observations list screen, observations collected by other devices will appear with a blue bar on the left side.

In Mapeo Mobile, you cannot edit or delete observations collected by other users. Remember that you can always view, edit and manage collected data in Mapeo Desktop. For more on that, see: Mapeo Desktop for managing Mapeo Mobile data (Observations mode)

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