Recommended equipment and supplies

We have compiled a list of items that are very useful to have when organizing in-person and virtual events.

In-person events

  • Make sure you don’t run out of power! Some important items are:

    • Power strips (enough to accommodate participants’ needs)

    • International voltage and plug adaptors

    • USB charging hubs

    • Portable USB chargers

    • Surge protector

  • Some equipment to practice synchronization via WiFi:

    • For small groups of 5 or fewer - access to 1-2 routers

    • For group 6 or more - portable routers, power sources, and charging cables.

  • For file transfer, device storage, and troubleshooting, make sure you have:

    • OTG adaptors for troubleshooting (MicroUSB and USB C are common)

    • External hard drive with space

    • USB sticks with space

  • For demonstration outdoors or in low-tech spaces you can use:

    • Tabloid (11”x17”) printouts of Mapeo screen or presentation slides and a wall or laundry line to display them. We recommend you laminate them to make them more resistant to use and weather conditions

    • You can also use big textile prints - they are easy to carry around, can be used rain or shine and you can use Velcro pieces to make them more interactive.

    • A clean dry surface with shelter from rain or sun to stage equipment

    • For Mapeo Desktop training, tables and seating where participants can work in pairs

  • For demonstration indoors or in spaces where projection is possible, you might need:

    • Projector and power cable

    • Projection surface in a shaded or dark area. White walls are best. White with fabric backed with black light-blocking fabric works well hung properly.

    • Video cables and adapters

    • For demonstrations with smartphones, make sure your device has video projection capabilities. This is an advanced device feature and requires a video signal adaptor

  • Other workshop supplies that are handy:

    • Notepad and thick marker (for organizing teams and activities)

    • Masking tape and utility tape

    • Spare notebooks and pens for participants

    • If expected, printed guides, protective case folders, and labels

Virtual events

For demonstration in virtual events:

  • Screen sharing software and connections for devices demonstration

  • Sample content that can be seen, recorded, or captured by attendees

  • Pre-recorded videos of demos are recommended to have on hand in the case that live demos are not working well.

    • Consider that it can be very demanding on your computer's video card to participate in a live video conference while doing a screen share and local screen mirroring. This can often affect the computer’s capacity to perform well. Also, most software will be slower and less responsive in this context and Mapeo is no exception.

    • Any WiFi-based screen mirroring tool will prevent Mapeo from being able to use Mapeo’s synchronization via WiFi. It is highly recommended to prerecord a demo of this process on both devices used.

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