Overview of Mapeo Desktop Territory mode screen

(Clockwise rotation from left to right):

  • The Point, Line, and Area buttons are for creating data and will be available when you are sufficiently zoomed in for editing.

  • To edit, you must zoom into the area where you want to create data.

  • + Zoom in or + Zoom out on the map.

  • The Map Data window can be used to turn map layers on and off on the map.

  • The Issues window shows you if any of your current features being edited have any issues, such as a missing category.

  • The spatial coordinates at the location of the cursor / mouse.

  • The background map might be an online or offline map, depending on your set-up and configuration.

  • When you are editing data, the list of categories or details of your data will appear here.

  • Details of the version of Mapeo which you are using.

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