Mapeo Support Materials

Mapeo Desktop use

Mapeo Desktop is a computer application that can be used for two different purposes:
  • Mapeo Desktop for managing Mapeo Mobile data (Observations mode) Mapeo Desktop allows you to aggregate, view, and manage data collected with Mapeo Mobile. Observations mode offers options to filter and export data into multiple formats, such as GeoJSON, CSV, and PDF, and also allows the publication of online interactive maps containing data collected with Mapeo Mobile.
  • Mapeo Desktop for creating territory data (Territory mode) Mapeo Desktop also offers an interface for adding or creating territory data directly within the Desktop application. Territory mode provides a basic toolkit for mapping features that are more accessible to new tech users than other available geographic information systems (GIS) tools. It also offers the option to import geographic information from an external source, and export map data in a .GeoJSON file format. Further manipulation or visualization of exported map data requires knowledge of other software.