Mapeo Support Materials

Exporting and syncing data

Exporting territory data as a .GeoJSON file

Once you are finished creating and editing data in Territory mode, you may export your data to a .GeoJSON file format. This is a commonly used file format which can be opened using other GIS or cartography software or platforms such as QGIS, Mapbox Studio, or ArcGIS.
To export territory data, click on the
Export map data button on the top right of your screen, and select Export Territory Data as GeoJSON. Next, in the pop-up window, rename and save the .GeoJSON file where you want.
Note: this will export all of your territory data at once. There currently is no way to export a selection of your territory data.

About synchronizing territory data with other devices

It is possible to synchronize data created using
Mapeo Desktop Territory mode with other devices:
  • If two
    Mapeo Desktop devices synchronize with each other in the
    Mapeo Desktop Synchronize mode, they will each exchange all of their territory data (as well as the observation data) with each other.
  • If a
    Mapeo Desktop device (computer 1) synchronizes with a
    Mapeo Mobile device (phone 1), then that Mapeo Mobile device will receive all of the territory data from the
    Mapeo Desktop device, and will store this data. The Mapeo Mobile device will not display this data on the map nor show any of the features in the Observations list screen. However:
    • When this
      Mapeo Mobile device synchronizes with another
      Mapeo Desktop device (computer 2), it will share all of the territory data from that first device (computer 1), and the second device will be able to see, edit, export, and synchronize that data as well.
    • When this
      Mapeo Mobile device (phone 1) synchronizes with another
      Mapeo Mobile device (phone 2), that second device (phone 2) will receive all of the territory data that was synchronized with the first device (phone 1), but won’t be able to see it or edit it. The
      second Mapeo Mobile device (phone 2) may now synchronize this data with other Mapeo devices.
Note: Synchronized territory data will also include any external geospatial data that was added to Mapeo Territory mode; see Importing and using external geospatial data.
To learn more about how synchronizing data works in Mapeo, seeSynchronizing data with Mapeo Desktop.