Synchronizing with a file

While other options allow the synchronization between smartphones and computers, synchronizing with a file is only possible between computers.

In this option, a sync file is created in Mapeo Desktop on one computer and then it is used by another computer with Mapeo to exchange data. During the synchronization, all data contained in the sync file is transferred to the computer that is syncing with it, and all data in the Mapeo database of the computer will also be transferred to the sync file. It uses the same two-way method as synchronization via Wi-Fi. To learn more about how synchronization works, see Peer-to-peer & Mapeo sync.

Other requirements:

Create a sync file

  1. Click on Synchronize on the Mapeo modes panel

3. Click on the Create a sync file button and choose the name and location where the generated file will be saved.

Send or copy the sync file to the second device

There are two options for sharing a sync file:

Option 1. Send sync file via email or file sharing service

Option 2. Copy and paste sync file using a USB drive

Start synchronization

  1. Click on Synchronize in the Mapeo modes panel.

4. Click on the Sync from a file button and in the pop-up window, navigate until you find the desired sync file. Then click on it and click Open.Start synchronization

The synchronization with the file will automatically begin.

Important: Keep the Synchronize screen open on both devices until the synchronization process is complete.

View synced observations

To learn about viewing and managing synchronized data in Mapeo Desktop Observations mode, continue to:

pageViewing observations

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