Synchronizing via Wi-Fi

Synchronizing via Wi-Fi

Mapeo Desktop can synchronize data via Wi-Fi with other
computers or
smartphones that use Mapeo. This is a good sync option when devices are near each other and it works with no internet connection.
  • Both devices need to be connected to the same
    Wi-Fi network For devices to sync, both need to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network. This Wi-Fi network does not need to have an internet connection.
  • Both devices must be using the same configuration It is only possible to synchronize with devices that use the same configuration. For more on how to import configurations, see Importing configurations to Mapeo Desktop.
To synchronize, follow the steps below:

Connect to Wi-Fi

Connect both Mapeo devices to the same Wi-Fi network. In offline environments, a local Wi-Fi network can be created using a
mobile wireless router or a third device capable of serving as an offline
For more on how to create a local Wi-Fi network or connect to Wi-Fi, see Creating local Wi-Fi networks Connecting to Wi-Fi

Enter Synchronize mode

In order to synchronize, both devices must have the Synchronize screen open.
Mapeo Desktop: Click on Synchronize in the Mapeo modes panel.
Mapeo Mobile: Tap the
Synchronize button on the home screen.
Devices available for syncing will be listed on the Synchronize screen.
Synchronize screen of Mapeo Desktop showing an available smartphone for syncing
Remember that in order for a device to appear in the list, it must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network, have the Synchronize screen open, and be using the same project configuration. You can confirm which configuration Mapeo Desktop is currently using by consulting the white bar at the bottom of the Synchronize screen. For troubleshooting on this step, see Solving sync issues.

Start synchronization

Once available devices appear in the list, confirm the identity of the device you plan to synchronize with by consulting the unique identification number on the other user's device.
To see the unique identification number of a Mapeo Mobile device, check the right side of the navy blue bar on the Synchronize screen in Mapeo Mobile.
Matching the unique ID of a Mapeo Mobile device as it appears on Mapeo Desktop
In Mapeo Desktop, click on the SYNCHRONIZE
button below the device name to begin the exchange of data.
Important: Keep the Synchronize screen open on both devices until the synchronization process is complete.

View synced observations

To learn about viewing and managing synchronized data: