Mapeo Support Materials
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How Mapeo is being used

Mapeo is currently being used by a variety of communities around the globe to support territory mapping and monitoring efforts. Below are a few examples. For more detailed case studies, partner stories and information about other tool for mapping and monitoring, check out our Earth Defenders Toolkit website.

Environmental Monitoring in Peru

Community monitors from Puerto Luz, Madre de Dios learn to use Mapeo to document unregulated gold mining encroaching on their community. June 2019
Indigenous Community monitors working within ECA Amarakaeri in South East Peru are using Mapeo Mobile and Desktop as part of a co-management program of a Reserved area. Together with park rangers, they collect data on illegal gold mining and other impacts to the Reserve and use these for internal decision making and action as well as sharing with the authorities for any illegalities to be addressed.

Territory Mapping in Kenya

Ogiek Indigenous People of Mount Elgon learning to use Mapeo to map their land. Credit: Chepkitale Indigenous Peoples Development Project

Ancestral Mapping in Ecuador

The Siekopai in Northern Ecuador using Mapeo to gather knowledge from elders before mapping their ancestral lands in Lagarto Cocha (with Alianza Ceibo and Amazon Frontlines).
The Siekopai people of Northern Ecuador used Mapeo Desktop in their villages to explore satellite imagery of their ancestral lands with the elders, and document stories associated with lakes and old settlements. Watch video.

Disaster-Risk Management for Climate-Vulnerable Populations in Thailand

Mapeo users in Krabi. Photo by Raks Thai Foundation, Krabi Office, under CC BY-SA 4.0.
Village health volunteers in coastal Thailand are using Mapeo to collect data on vulnerable people, to ensure they can receive immediate and targeted help in case of natural disaster.