Mapeo Support Materials
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Editing and deleting observations

Edit details

Select the observation you would like to edit and open it. You can open the observation by tapping on the dot marking the observation on the home
Map screen:
or by tapping the observation on the
Observations list screen:
Once you are on the View observation screen, tap
Edit observation to modify the information collected.
In the Edit observation screen, you can change the category of the point, edit the description and details, or add additional photos.
In Mapeo Mobile, you can only edit or delete observations that have been created on your device. You cannot change the geographic location saved with the observation or the date and time of the original observation.

Save changes

Save to save the changes you have made. Tap
Back to return the Map view.
To exit without saving your changes, tap
Back and confirm you want to discard changes.

Delete observations

To delete an observation you have collected, scroll to the bottom of the View observation screen and tap
In Mapeo Mobile, you can only delete observations that have been created on your device.
Deleting observations cannot be undone, so exercise caution when using delete.
As Mapeo uses a peer-to-peer database, all data is stored directly on your device and there is no backup on a centralized server. By deleting observations, you will permanently remove them from your device and all devices you synchronize data with in the future. For more on synchronization, see Peer-to-peer & Mapeo sync​