P2P (peer-to-peer) App Updates

Peer-to-peer (P2P) App Updates is an experimental feature that allows you to share and receive newer versions of the Mapeo app by connecting to other Mapeo devices via Wi-Fi (no internet connection required).

When updating the Mapeo app version in this way, NONE of your Mapeo data (observations, configurations, or maps) is shared between devices.

To search for and share Mapeo app updates between Mapeo Mobile devices, both smartphones must:

  • have the P2P App Updates feature enabled

  • have Mapeo open to the Synchronize screen

  • be connected to the same Wi-Fi network

Turn on the P2P App Updates feature

Check for available updates

If a newer version of the app is available from another Mapeo device on the network, the update will be automatically downloaded.

(If your device has a newer version than other devices the network, you will see the message "Sharing app updates with other devices.")

Install app update

To install the newer version of Mapeo, wait until the download completes, then tap INSTALL on the Synchronize screen.

Allow installs from Mapeo

After tapping INSTALL, you may see a security pop-up window saying that your phone is not allowed to install apps from this source.

To enable Mapeo to install updates, tap Settings in the pop-up window and toggle the switch to Allow from this source in the following Android Settings screen.

Reopen Mapeo

When the installation is complete, Mapeo will close automatically. When you re-open Mapeo, you will see an update confirmation window. Tap OK to close the window and start using the new version of Mapeo.

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