Mapeo Support Materials

Viewing observations

To view and manage synchronized observations in Mapeo Desktop, click on Observations in the Mapeo modes panel on the left side of the screen.
Observations mode offers 3 different options for viewing observations in your database. In the Toolbar, you can choose between the following views:

Map view

In the default Map view, observations are displayed as dots on a map. Use your computer's mouse or the Zoom controls at the top right of the map to
zoom in and
zoom out and navigate to different locations on the map.
Hover your mouse over an individual dot on the map to preview the associated observation. Click on a dot to view the full details of that observation in the View observation window. Click on the
Expand button to view all fields in each section.

Media view

To view observations as a gallery of images, click on Media in the Toolbar. Click on an individual image to view the details of that observation in the View observation window.

Report view

To view observations in the form of a report, click on Report in the Toolbar. Report view displays one observation per page and includes the category, coordinates, date, a map of the location, and any images associated with the observation.
Use the Next
Previous buttons at the bottom of the screen to step through each page of the report.
You can filter observations included in the report using the Filter panel, and hide additional data fields using the
Hide fields controls in the grey panel above the report.
For more on how to hide fields and save a report, see Save as PDF report.

Filter observations

To look at a subset of your observations in Map, Media or Report view, use the Filter panel. Observations can be filtered by date, category, and some details fields used to collect the data.
To apply a filter, click the
Expand button beside the desired filter section and adjust the filter criteria. Multiple filters can be used at the same time.

Filter by date

To filter observations by a specific date range, click
Expand beside
Date of observation to open the filter section. Click on the From and To date fields and use the pop-up calendar to define the start date and end date for the timeframe you would like to view. Only observations collected between these dates will be visible.
Click ALL to reset the filter and show observations for all dates.

Filter by category

To filter observations by a category, click
Expand beside
Category to open the list of the categories used in your project.
  • Use the checkboxes to select the categories that you want to make visible.
  • Click ONLY to show observations for a single selected category.
  • Click ALL to reset the filter and show observations for all categories.

Filter by details field

You may also have the option to filter by some of the details fields used in your project. Only details that are "select one" fields (ie. you can only select one of the available answer options) will be available in the Filter panel.
For more on creating custom details fields, see Custom configurations.