Updating Mapeo Desktop

Like most existing apps, Mapeo Desktop is in continuous development. We frequently release new versions of the application to fix technical issues or add new functionality.

When you update Mapeo Desktop, you do not lose data you have collected or synchronized using a previous version.

pageInstalling Mapeo Desktop

To update files used within Mapeo Desktop, such as configurations or background maps, follow the same steps detailed in the sections below using the new files: Importing configurations to Mapeo DesktopAdding custom background maps to Mapeo Desktop

Mapeo versions - information and naming conventions

For details on Mapeo version numbers and naming conventions, see:Mapeo versions - information and naming conventions

Installation files for older versions of Mapeo Desktop

To view all previous versions of Mapeo Desktop, including release notes for changes made in each version, see the Mapeo Desktop Releases page on GitHub.

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