Default background map

About background maps

Mapeo uses background maps to show users their current location in the mobile app and as a background for displaying data collected or created with Mapeo.

Mapeo's default background map

By default, when the device has access to the internet, Mapeo Mobile and Mapeo Desktop in Observations mode use a detailed background map that includes geographic elements such as rivers and mountains, as well as some political and urban elements such as borders, cities, roads, and others.

If the device is not connected to the internet, the background map shown by default is much less detailed. In Mapeo Mobile, the offline background map shows country borders and the main water bodies. In Mapeo Desktop, there is currently no default offline background map.

Online background map example:

Offline background map example:

Beyond the default background map

Mapeo offers the option to add a custom background map for use both offline and online. For more on creating and adding custom background maps, see Custom background maps.

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