Materials and resources available for the training event

We have prepared a list of resources that can be useful for Mapeo trainings. Check it out here: Additional references. They range from short illustrative videos giving an overview of Mapeo, to Google sheet slides that you can adapt for your training activity, and templates for creating training resources on textiles to use in outdoor training events under any weather conditions.

Moreover, you can also use the sections and content of this Mapeo Support Materials site as a menu of possible content and as a support resource when having questions on specific features and workflows. Remember that this guide has also a FAQs section, where the most common questions are answered, and a Troubleshootingsection to help solve the most frequent Mapeo issues.

Training events can be run by walking through each topic of interest in the Complete Reference Guide on this site. However, it is not as engaging as a participatory event, where the trainer fully understands the topics of interest and tailors activities around them.

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