Mapeo repositories
Here is an overview of the Mapeo ecosystem, including various modules and utilities

  • ​mapeo-settings-builder: Build presets and sprites for the Mapeo apps
  • ​mapeo-migrate: Commandline tool for mapeo migrating databases from older formats to the latest.

  • ​mapeo-core: Library for creating custom geo data and synchronizing via a peer to peer network
  • ​mapeo-server: Mapping web server for managing observations, media, tiles, and various static files.
  • ​mapeo-settings: Manage settings files for Mapeo
  • ​iD-mapeo: Fork of OpenStreetMap editor, for offline use with Mapeo
  • ​mapeo-schema: Data schemas for mapeo data types
  • ​mapeo-styles: Default styles & tiles for mapeo backgrounds
  • ​mapeo-openmaptiles: Lightweight map tiles for mapeo-mobile for global offline map
  • ​osm-p2p: High-level p2p OpenStreetMap database for node and the browser
  • ​osm-p2p-server: Peer-to-peer OpenStreetMap API v0.6 Server for osm-p2p-db

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