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Tech preparation before doing in-person training

To minimize the risk of unexpected tech issues spoiling your agenda and consuming valuable training time, make sure to prepare all the devices involved in a training event.
Here there is a checklist to review before the event:

Participant devices

Ensure that:
  • The operative system is updated
  • The correct language is set up on phone and within Mapeo
  • The device passwords are known
  • The device is fully charged
  • You have added the needed files to the device’s memory (Mm: SD or Internal memory, Md: USB)
    • Create a folder with needed files and guides. (i.e Mapeo for Community [Name])
    • The most important Mapeo files needed for training are the latest installation files (they can have different formats, such as .apk, .exe, . dmg, etc.)
    • If a customized configuration and maps are being used in the Mapeo project, include that in a clearly labeled subfolder (.i.e Mapeo Configuration or Community x Configuration)

Trainer devices

On top of the checklist for “participant devices”, make sure of the following:
  • Presentation files in dynamic and static formats are loaded on your device.

Tech support devices

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