Adding icon files

To review key information on designing icons, see Icons.

Once you've settled on the design or concept for your icons, you'll need to generate .svg files for each one to be saved in the icons directory. Icons should be created as 100x100 pixel graphics that are clear when viewing at 100%.

To generate .svg icons for Mapeo, there is an online Mapeo Icons Generator tool accessible here.

We have also documented two workflows to generate Mapeo-compatible .svg files using software, one using a commercial product (Adobe Illustrator) and another using a open-source product (Inkscape).

Naming icon files

Icons need to be read by MAPEO in two sizes: 100 pixels and 24 pixels. For that reason there is a specific file naming convention:

  • icon-name-100px.svg

  • icon-name-24px.svg

Each icon can be duplicated and renamed so that there is one of each size. They are opened and read by the .json files in the presets folder. Verify that name is correctly entered where needed (more on this in the next section). The build script will process the pixel size suffix.

Additional resources

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