Choosing Mapeo Mobile settings

The following settings can be easily changed in Mapeo Mobile:


Mapeo Mobile is currently available in more than 15 languages, but it can be translated into any additional language using the Crowdin platform. For more on translation, see: Translating Mapeo & default configurations

To change the language of Mapeo Mobile:

  1. On the Language screen, select the language you would like to use for Mapeo Mobile. The language of the application will change automatically.

β–Ά Video available: How to change the language of Mapeo Mobile

GPS coordinate format

Mapeo Mobile supports three GPS coordinate formats: Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM), Degrees/Minutes/Seconds (DMS), and Decimal Degrees (DD).

To change the coordinate format used:

  1. On the Coordinate Format screen, click on the format you would like to use and it will automatically change inside the application.


The Experiments screen contains new, experimental features that are in ongoing development.

For more on how to activate and test these features, see Experiments: Turning on experimental features

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