Create a custom .mapeosettings package to install in devices using MAPEO Desktop and Mobile.


Every project has different needs. And users involved in a project can make use of a security feature, project keys, to keep data collected with intended users.


In anticipation of using your customized configurations of MAPEO, with enough time to test and edit before the official activity. Prep time depends on the author, the project and the process for approvals and revisions.


Anywhere online and offline*. (*installers required before building presets offline).


Project planner(s): They are, or are in direct dialogue with, decision makers and can consult people in the project area
Designers, artists or facilitators: Responsible for creating or facilitating the creation of icons appropriate to the project.
Configurations author: Usually a programmer who can run scripts and debug errors. A novice coder can also do this by following steps closely and reaching out for help when needed.
Lone wolves: You do it all yourself. But remember, you are not alone.


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