Creating categories

To review key information on defining categories, see Categorías.

In the presets directory, customize the .json files

In the presets directory, each .json file needs:

  • icon must mach the name of an icon in the icons folder - use prefix only, excluding the size refernce and file extension (eg. for fishing-24px.svg/fishing-100px.svg use fishing).

  • name will be the human-readable label shown to the user

  • geometry must be an array of point ,area, and/or line (All categories for use in Mapeo Mobile must include point.)

  • sort (optional) is an integer that will determine the order in which categories are displayed on the Categories screen of Mapeo Mobile. If no sort is included, categories will be listed alphabetically by name.

  • an array of fields (optional) which should match the key created in the fields directory. Fields will be displayed to users in the order they are listed in the fields array.

  • color (optional) determines the color of observation dots on the map. (Dots fall back to orange if no color is defined.) Value can be a hex code, CSS color name or any string supported by validate-color.

Example preset file (fishing-site.json):

    "icon": "fishing",
    "name": "Fishing Site",
    "sort": 10,
    "color": "#13D5CF",
    "fields": [
    "geometry": [

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