Adding a project key

What is a Project Key?

In the metadata.json file in your Mapeo configuration, you can include a projectKey, which is a random cryptographic string of characters to prevent unwanted devices from getting access to the data.

Once a Mapeo Mobile or Mapeo Desktop device has imported a configuration with a project key, it can only sync with another Mapeo Mobile or Mapeo Desktop device that has the same project key.

You can edit the project key (for example, if you want to make first 4 characters identifiable to a project) but it can only contain letters a-f and numbers 0-9.

It can also only be 64 characters long -- no more, no less.

Creating a Project Key

To create a projectKey, first open the Terminal.

Using mapeo-settings-builder

For instructions on how to install mapeo-settings-builder, see Building configuration file Via the command line.

Copy and paste the following command into the terminal

mapeo-settings-builder generate-key

You'll see something like this (but with x replaced with real characters and numbers)


Copy this string and add it to the metadata.json file so it looks like this:

  "dataset_id": "mapeo-jungle",
  "projectKey": "380c02d32xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx1d"

Notice that there are double quotes " around each value.

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