Designing Icons
Time it takes: (30 min - 30 days. Estimate: 30 min per category)

What is an icon?

Each of the presets you create needs to be assigned an icon, and these all need to be saved as .svg files. You can assign the same icon to various presets, or they can each have their own individual one.
See example icons created for our default 'jungle' configuration.

Creating Icons

Design icons as 100x100 pixel graphics that are clear when viewing at 100%.

Using Adobe Illustrator

From Illustrator, File > Export
  • Select SVG
  • With the artboard box ticked
  • Additional settings as below. These are how Mapbox says to export icons for svgs to use on their maps too.
When exporting icons from Adobe Illustrator


If you have trouble viewing your icons, check this troubleshooting guide created by Mapbox or ask us for support.

Naming icons

The icons need to read by MAPEO in two sizes: 100 and 24 pixels. For that reason there is a specific file naming convention:
  • name**-100px**.svg
  • name**-24px**.svg
Each icon can be duplicated and renamed so that there is one of each. They are opened and read by the .json files in the "preset" folder. Verify that "name" is correctly entered where needed (more on this in the next section). The build script will process the pixel size suffix.

Saving icons

Create a directory named icons and put all icons in there according to the above naming convention.
The directory should look like this:
$ ls icons/
airstrip-100px.svg building-100px.svg clay-100px.svg fishing-100px.svg house-100px.svg palm-100px.svg river-100px.svg stream-100px.svg tree-100px.svg
airstrip-24px.svg building-24px.svg clay-24px.svg fishing-24px.svg house-24px.svg palm-24px.svg river-24px.svg stream-24px.svg tree-24px.svg
animal-100px.svg camp-100px.svg community-100px.svg gathering-100px.svg hunting-100px.svg path-100px.svg salt-lick-100px.svg swidden-100px.svg waterfall-100px.svg
animal-24px.svg camp-24px.svg community-24px.svg gathering-24px.svg hunting-24px.svg path-24px.svg salt-lick-24px.svg swidden-24px.svg waterfall-24px.svg
boundary-100px.svg cave-100px.svg estrella-100px.svg hills-100px.svg lake-100px.svg plant-100px.svg special-site-100px.svg threat-100px.svg
boundary-24px.svg cave-24px.svg estrella-24px.svg hills-24px.svg lake-24px.svg plant-24px.svg special-site-24px.svg threat-24px.svg
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